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Photo of Krystal M.

Krystal M
Irving, TX


Tasty very tasty still only take cash....good seasoned chicken.

Photo of Steve L.

Steve L
Dallas, TX


Best home made fried chicken in town, friendly service.

Photo of Hoang-Chau N.

Hoang-Chau N. Mesquite, TX


UPDATE!!! Wow this place has turned around. The seasoning has changed up for the better I think they added garlic powder to the seasoning? Whatever it is, it's DAMN good. The fries are hot and cooked perfectly, cut fat. The chicken is nice, hot and crispy and juicy on the inside. I LOVE WHAT THEY ARE DOING! They must have new management. Before it was cold and underseasoned. Now they are doing some great work.

Photo of Marvin L.

Marvin L.
Dallas, TX


I can't believe that I've driven past this chicken shack for all these years. I'm truly mad at myself. Lesson learned: Never judge food by the facility it's made in. First thing I noticed was that they had two drive thru lanes and two menu boards. On the first menu board the prices were cut out of the plastic. Cute. Backed out of that lane and went to the other lane on the other side of the building. All the prices were written in pencil on this menu board. Cuter. So I decided on the 'regular', which is 3 pieces of chicken. Leg, thigh, and a wing($4). Had potato salad($1.50/pint) and a waffle($1.50) added to the order. The chicken came lightly breaded but crunchy batter. The batter was seasoned with a blend of spices that was sprinkled on everything, including my potato salad, two slices of white bread, pickles and jalapeño pepper. The chicken itself was absolutely wonderful. Not too heavily seasoned, not under seasoned. The heat from the chicken sitting on the bread lightly toasted it, instead of making it soggy. This let's me know the chicken wasn't too greasy. The potato salad was made with mustard and very cold. Just the way I like it. The Belgian waffle was big, probably 12 inches in diameter, and came in it's own bag, I could only eat half. I bit it before adding any syrup and it was sweet, soft and warm. There was a sign pointing outside for customers that stated "Starting 4-11-08 all orders paid in advance". Undoubtedly you could order today and pay on pay day. Payday chicken loans. The building was shrouded in security bars welded to the structure. I'm coming to the conclusion that good chicken is made in places where rusty security bars are necessary. P.S. This is a cash only establishment.